On October 11, 2023, the Ark Lifestyle Foundation, in partnership with researchers from the University of Ghana – Legon, hosted a Nutrition Screening Event for Healthy Ageing in Mamprobi, Ghana. This event was designed to promote the well-being of Elderly community members and offer valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A total of 25 Elderly individuals from Mamprobi participated in the nutrition screening, where their dietary habits, nutritional deficiencies, and overall health were assessed. The data collected will be used to create personalized dietary plans to support healthy ageing.

As a token of appreciation for the Elderly participants, the Ark Lifestyle Foundation distributed souvenirs containing useful items to assist in their daily lives.

The collaboration with the University of Ghana – Legon researchers ensured the scientific rigour and expertise of the nutrition screening. The event emphasized the importance of community involvement and the foundation’s commitment to the well-being of elderly residents in Mamprobi.

The Ark Lifestyle Foundation, with its mission to support healthy ageing and enhance the quality of life for the Elderly, is committed to continuing its work and implementing further initiatives to assist the Elderly in the future.

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