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Daily Care Experts

We specialize in and around the clock care to help Seniors live well.


The Elderly engage in local games such as Oware, Ludo, Cards, Draft, and other foreign games. They join dance classes to bring out the youthfulness in them. Other activities include reading, watch exciting TV shows, listening to music, having fun trips to tourists sites etc.


Mingling, Chatting & having Fun

  • Light physical fitness, creative, social, learning and spiritual activities.
  • Transportation for Appointments, Wine, Dine, Shopping, Scheduled Group Trips, Social and Educational Programmes and Scheduled meetings with family members.

Residence & Lounge Experience

Meeting a client expectation is a must, exceeding them and putting in the extra effort to create a WOW moments helps set us apart from the competition.

  • We have regular social and recreational activities which are important to the well-being of our clientele.
  • Families will have the peace of mind knowing their aging parents or Senior loved ones are spending the day in a safe, fun and socially engaging environment while receiving expert care.
  • We are committed to satisfying our clientele and their families.
  • Our professional staff administers personal attention to individual needs and ensure well deserved respect to everyone in our care.

Relaxation & Pampering

Take the time and enjoy TV shows with peers, discuss relatable issues such as life experiences, politics and religion among others.

Ark Lifestyle Lounge is a non-medical Elderly Care facility and rejuvenating centre. The facility aims to be the environment for effective management of the elderly with meaningful interest, offering love, attention and recreational activities for the elderly in a respectful, self-sustaining environment


The Elderly are engaged in various light weight fitness routine to keep them fit and sound.

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