Ark Lifestyle Foundation, a proud member of the Ghana Non-communicable Diseases (GNCD) Alliance, was honored to be invited to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 75th-year anniversary celebration. The event, held on September 29th, centered around the theme “Health for All,” highlighting the significance of equitable healthcare access for people of all ages.

This momentous occasion brought together health professionals, community leaders, and advocates from across the globe to commemorate WHO’s 75 years of dedicated service to global health. Ark Lifestyle Foundation, as a leading advocate for wellness and community engagement, was thrilled to participate and contribute to the discussions on ensuring health and well-being for all.

During the event, Ark Lifestyle Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to promoting health and well-being among its residents and the broader community. The organization expressed its dedication to supporting WHO’s mission of ensuring that every person, regardless of age, has access to quality healthcare services.

Health is a fundamental human right, and our involvement with the WHO 75th anniversary celebration underscores our unwavering commitment to this cause. At Ark Lifestyle Foundation, we are dedicated to providing our residents with the highest standards of healthcare, and we’ll continue to work towards a world where ‘Health for All’ is a reality.

This event served as a platform for collaboration, learning, and exchanging best practices to drive improvements in healthcare systems. Ark Lifestyle Foundation remains inspired and motivated to play an active role in enhancing healthcare access and well-being, both within their community and globally.

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