Ark Lifestyle Foundation proudly participated in the women’s health program on October 7th, 2023, which included a crucial breast screening exercise organized by G-WEALTH (Gender-Wise Empowerment and Awareness for Leading Towards Healthy Lives). This collaborative effort is dedicated to ensuring healthy lives and promoting overall well-being for women through early detection and intervention.

Breast cancer continues to be a significant health concern for women worldwide, and early detection plays a pivotal role in improving outcomes and saving lives. Ark Lifestyle Foundation’s involvement in this program underscores its commitment to empowering women and supporting their health.

The breast screening exercise, conducted on October 7th, provided women with free access to mammograms and clinical breast exams at a designated healthcare facility. These screenings are essential for early detection, enabling prompt treatment and potentially life-saving interventions.

Ark Lifestyle Foundation has a long history of championing women’s health and well-being. This collaboration with G-WEALTH further emphasizes the organization’s dedication to equipping women with the knowledge and resources to take control of their health, thereby contributing to healthier lives.

In addition to the breast screening exercise, G-WEALTH’s program offered educational sessions and resources to increase awareness about breast health, prevention, and the importance of regular screenings. This comprehensive approach aligns with Ark Lifestyle Foundation’s mission to empower and uplift women in all aspects of their lives.

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